Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump's DOJ Searched His iCloud Account in 2019: A Closer Look

3 maí 2021
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Seth takes a closer look at Rudy Giuliani claiming that the FBI raids of his home and office are part of a Biden administration conspiracy to target him.
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Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump's DOJ Searched His iCloud Account in 2019: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • The earth shattering event is Liberalism is a lie and you are all brainwashed fools

    S MS M45 mínútum síðan
  • 😂😂😂

    Faith HepperFaith Hepper56 mínútum síðan
  • Alright, I just figured out why Seth delivers his monologue so quickly - the cue card guy needs to pee and is just dropping those things as fast as he can.

    Molly W. DouthettMolly W. Douthett2 klukkustundum síðan
  • I'm from Piscataway and that is the one and only time in history that someone's made a Piscataway joke. This is a historic video.

    MaliceInCandylandMaliceInCandyland2 klukkustundum síðan
  • Project Rumor Spokesperson: Brian Menard Vocals: Kesha Piano: Cole Lam Guitar: Orianthi Drums: Jonathan Moffett

    Douglas WilliamsDouglas Williams4 klukkustundum síðan
  • Where's crackheadbiden????

    V SV S8 klukkustundum síðan
  • " We will all accept Miss Kayleigh McEnany's invitation ! Yes, we will enter in the Disneyland of republicans !!A Disneyland a little without grace and without surprises that can not really bring us anything interesting or realy NEW to our lives !!Let's imagine the hundreds of Voting Ballots found in a river, that nobody knows the name, that would be Voting Ballots with the name of Trump, a name that is even stamped on ice cubes in the real world, let's be curious as it was charged for her, Miss Kayleigh McEnany, that we should at least be curious to know , to a Journalist who asked her where the river was at all and was obviously left unanswered !!Come on in the curiosity of this story, aren't Voting Ballots were put there by the Republicans? Had they not been manufactured somewhere that printed them, in a garage, with the name of Trump and for him ? How were the ice cubes with the Trump name stamped ? To put them in the polls before they were opened to be counted ? And because they didn't have the opportunity to use it for that purpose, the Republicans threw it into a river that no one knows where it is and no one knows the name?Or, it would be, as he appeared in a small CLIP, with an Hindu in a small car full of Voting Ballots , for Democratic candidates, Biden and Kamala, explaining in a typical text in Donald's language that he would take all those votes to the Democrats into the Election Urns because it was paid for that purpose and he do it for money because money dominates the world and so he was doing this by order of Democrats and to cheat for the Election !!A story obviously put there, in that car with an indu and full of electoral ballots to vote, by the Republicans, that even before the Elections already built the history of the fraud wanting to make believe that they were being passed over !!"We must not forget that this fellow, Donald, threatened a journalist who published in a newspaper that the Casino he had built would go bankrupt and was right by the accounts he had made! Donald's threats to him were fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars $$ and end the journalist's wallet! It seems strange that this defamation of the whole country by him, Donald, has not yet had serious consequences!So we are going to Disneylandia of replublicans creating their one story and turned to them, after all, how could they have beaten Hillary Clinton in 2016 ? How was it possible ? That was not possible ! How could it have Won without fraud ?!How can a comrade who doesn't know how to do anything but mess up everything have won something ?! Without having defrauded ?!"Doesn't it seem childish to think that in a Fraudulent election, only Democrats defrauded? Look, if the Democrats was used the Internet through the WhatsApp to modify the Results of the Election, why the Republicans was not do?! It's a liltle bit of a children's opinion no! Very comic and very stupid! "He must have a very good team in advertising that manages, based on the thinking of the US Citizens, to stop criticism in they minds and open without thinking everything that will be induced there! To wash unprepared minds! And that is what he has done with whom he even call it stupid! Be careful! In fact, it's not hard to see that he's manipulating how good a psychopath $$ he is! ----------------- "He, Donald, insists on this and other lies because he was educated by his father that $$ money buys 90% of the people and knows that in this game there are Billions of USD dollars $$ and that Judges, among the Oil Billionaires in Texas ,there may be these to join him , Donald, because he is desperate for these Billions $$ and anything that he can do and is willing to do , even if it is necessary , he destroys the Democracy of the USA for his own gain and at the expense of others !!I this like a child who puts his hand in front of his eyes and thinks that no one else sees him in the 21st Century! Incredible! "Look, if the Democrats was used the Internet through the WhatsApp to modify the Results of the Election, why the Republicans was not do?! It's a liltle bit of a children's, infantile and childishly, opinion no! Very comic and very stupid! This Giuliani looks like a child who puts his hand in front of his eyes and thinks that no one else sees him!! Sorry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I think I know the truth equally and that truth is unique, he, Giulliani has already received to claim truths donations that reach 170 Million Dollars $$ to continue with this show of clowns at the Circus !!170 Million Dollars $$ in just a few weeks of work! WOWIt is not for nothing that he and Donald, hallucinated by $$ money, are laughing in the face of their followers and are now owners of 170 Million US Dollars $$, tax free , for lying just a few weeks !! WOW!· Antworten· 1 Min.Cesar Cataldi"He , Donald ,never had 75 million votes! Never! He rigged that election and also in 2016! And the witch hunt was carried out for Hillary Clinton and never for this deceitful and lying man! I can't understand why they don't give this scoundrel an arrest warrant? With these lies he is putting the country in danger, overturning the whole order by repeating all the time that the current President Biden is just a Fake president! With that he destroys the central person of the USA order and throws the whole country into chaos! And nobody is doing anything against him legally? Very strange ! Where are the Laws to arrest him and make him pay for it? For slander an entire country! "They should examine this fellow who keeps on disrespecting the Democracy of the USA !!Whoever talks too much about fraud only indicates that he himself committed fraud and is disappointed with the results because his competitor would have exterminated him with at least 70% of the votes! Trump does not exceed 30% and lost despite the tricks and certainly the frauds! Just his tricks, his voting papers factories to vote in some garage in the USA put him, Trump, tied with Biden !!Falsified voting papers as counterfeit Dollars $$ and Euros €€ are forged equally with the intention of gain and profit $$ and even so he did not win !!In Brazil, unfortunately, we do not have democracy because what we have are voting machines that are programmed for desired results and for forming a political gang in power.And about machines I want to talk about !Wouldn't it have been possible for someone to tamper with the machines that count the voting ballots in the USA ?!This would have to be examined !!Very easy ; you can put ten (10) ballots to vote, equal, identical, with the Vote for Biden, for example, and then examine the electronic result of Reading the same votes !!If the result is this that the Machine indicates seven votes for Trump, then it means that the Machine , was , it is Manipulated to always give the result of 70% to him, Trump, not allowing a real result but a manipulated one !!Sorry to be intruding, but it's not difficult for you to examine this.It is very sad to see this man destroying the USA and the Democracy that you have in your country.Wish Successthank you

    Cesar CataldiCesar Cataldi10 klukkustundum síðan
  • There's a song by the Traveling Wilburys that contains the line "In Jersey anything's legal, as long as you don't get caught." Giuliani: "He went Piscataway." The problem here is that Giuliani got caught. Several Times. He's really lost it.

    Susie ParkerSusie Parker11 klukkustundum síðan
  • He’s the wrong defense atty! He can’t even defend himself

    cyn619cyn61913 klukkustundum síðan
  • Yea like Seth. Him smart & funny. Save us ,!!!!!!!!!

    Darla HenriDarla Henri14 klukkustundum síðan
  • A game I like playing while watching these is guessing which clip they use before saying "This has been a closer look."

    KyleKyle18 klukkustundum síðan
  • Seth does a great My Pillow Guy. But then it is a pretty easy voice. Basically Billy Mays crossed with John Madden.

    MG WrayMG Wray21 klukkustund síðan
    • If Celebrtity Death Match came back they could pit zombie Billy Mays against a high on crack Mike Lindell.

      MG WrayMG Wray21 klukkustund síðan
  • Joe Liden

    Charlie's Property ProsCharlie's Property Pros22 klukkustundum síðan
  • Twitter was custom made for idiots. Ghouly Annie is dementia personified. But what he can remember is a blender of racist, inbred rants designed to land him in jail with SpankyFatBaby. #laughingatTRAITORS

    Gina KayGina Kay23 klukkustundum síðan
  • Lol. I bet Tucker loved being called Hunter.

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDegi Síðan síðan
  • How can you make a segment on Rudy and it not be funny? Do people actually think this show is funny?

    Shes ITShes ITDegi Síðan síðan
  • "Somebody" just broke a huge fart in Weehawken.

    helveticaificationhelveticaificationDegi Síðan síðan
  • Awww what's wrong little Seth? Gutfeld! is ruining your viewership? Aw, it's okay sooner or later you will be tied with Helter Stelter over there at CNN (Only if he's still on next month).

    RedRoom PoliticsRedRoom PoliticsDegi Síðan síðan
  • The only big thing Rudy bring to the table is inflammable doll they didn't fine deep in the closet

    Johnny RamirezJohnny RamirezDegi Síðan síðan
    • I thought he was in Jail // maybe soon 😂

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDegi Síðan síðan
  • Rabid Rudy: God’s gift to Democrats.

    Rick SterRick SterDegi Síðan síðan
  • Rudy eats cat poop!

    Scoo BeedoScoo BeedoDegi Síðan síðan
  • Why is it republicans only defense to be called out on their crimes is to insult and call names?

    Pennalla EvansPennalla EvansDegi Síðan síðan
  • Rudy standing like he needs some blood, look like life is out of him

    James MaxwellJames MaxwellDegi Síðan síðan
  • FBI is corrupt

    smankeysmankeyDegi Síðan síðan
  • Rocket boom boom

    Michel HamelinMichel HamelinDegi Síðan síðan
  • Four different scores #nice #LNSM

    Jeff McParlandJeff McParlandDegi Síðan síðan

    33darkwing33darkwingDegi Síðan síðan
  • Yay Seth! Another MASH joke!

    Katherine RossKatherine RossDegi Síðan síðan
  • 3:5 ۞―i̳P̳h̳o̳n̳e̳ 1̳2̳ P̳r̳o̳ G̳i̳v̳e̳a̳w̳a̳y̳―۞ ➡️➡️️ 》》 《《 -----------------^^----------------- ♠【﹄💖𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊≔⫸LINK 💖﹃】 ♠みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• •̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1620438217

    martina azelemartina azeleDegi Síðan síðan
  • The Gods own chosen fascist left needs censorship!😁

    Real FaceReal FaceDegi Síðan síðan
  • Here in Colombia we want the world to know that the government itself is killing us, we need our voice to be heard and for the international organizations in charge of safeguarding human rights to be present. SOS COLOMBIA

    Fabio VegaFabio VegaDegi Síðan síðan
  • What do you expect from a guy that humps his first cousin...

    Thor FriisThor FriisDegi Síðan síðan
  • I thought he was in Jail // maybe soon 😂

    Vincent SansaloneVincent Sansalone2 dögum síðan
  • Wally! Wooooooo!

    Bradley NeherBradley Neher2 dögum síðan
  • Repent Jesus is coming soon!

    JesusiskingJesusisking2 dögum síðan
  • 0:20 - Is it just me or does Ghouliani look just like Dr. Evil?

    Reptilian Apple SalesmanReptilian Apple Salesman2 dögum síðan
  • Meyers the maggot Semite...YAWWWWNNNN

    Joe-Biden-Peeedo in-ChiefJoe-Biden-Peeedo in-Chief2 dögum síðan
  • The fascist left in action. Watch closely as they are defame and eliminate all thinking and people who are not kosher.👹

    Real FaceReal Face2 dögum síðan
  • So Rudy told the Feds all the evidence was on his phone on national TV ? Wow .

    faircompetition1faircompetition12 dögum síðan
  • Guiliani: 'New York was the first capital of the United States'. Was it? Not if you count July 4th 1776 as the start of the USA and most do. Yes, if you say 'with Congress under the Constitution' and that was March 4, 1789. So, is he right or not?

    Joost AdorfJoost Adorf2 dögum síðan
  • “If you remember and for your mental health I sincerely hope that you don’t”. Absolutely brilliant.

    yasio boloyasio bolo2 dögum síðan
  • Finally I found all the brainwashed idiots. Hi everyone who gets their political opinions from celebrities. Good job.

    Michael MacillicuttiMichael Macillicutti2 dögum síðan
  • Poor Rudy don't you feel sorry?

  • Looks like a Russian collusion hoax again, by the dam Dem's!

    David MoralesDavid Morales2 dögum síðan
  • Just funny crazy stuff

    Burke of Mellow ParkBurke of Mellow Park2 dögum síðan

      yasio boloyasio bolo2 dögum síðan
  • Carson is rolling over in his grave listening to these late night hosts be political. These are not news programs, interview people, tell a few jokes, and go home. Talentless hacks.

    pokerfred68pokerfred682 dögum síðan
  • you realy would any good as .a comedian cos you . ..are not verey funny

    Warren ScottWarren Scott2 dögum síðan
  • The trump crime cartel always accuses the legal actions of the legal authorities are political harassment, the deep state and various other insane conspiracy fantasies. Funny there was no big Rudy reveal, but at least he kept his hands out of his pants.

    michellejean11michellejean112 dögum síðan
  • Im only here for Seths impression of Guiliiani. Hope I wont be dissapointed. Edit: I wasn't. Thanks for the laugh!

    Ally BaileyAlly Bailey2 dögum síðan
  • Juliani is like Ivanka with her book talking about female success not hers. Her book was directed to trash from library.

    Free World2021Free World20212 dögum síðan
  • STOP the Vince Vaughn impression. It’s worse that the sea hag bit.

    Mike DamonMike Damon2 dögum síðan
  • next Trump attacks Rudy, then Rudy attacks trump, birds of same feather talk the same language

    Thu BayThu Bay2 dögum síðan
  • way to strike while the iron is ice cold. lmfao

    M John GranzowM John Granzow2 dögum síðan
  • Reading up on 'Trial by Combat', Rudy?

    Peter BroughPeter Brough2 dögum síðan
  • People of America, as you pack up and leave your burned out, destroyed, lawless Democrat run cities, please leave your blue votes behind. Do not bring your blue vote with you. Let those blue votes die with those dying cities.

    Kevin OwensKevin Owens2 dögum síðan
  • Can’t wait for the day you liberals realize they’re just using you till they no longer have a use for you. But I doubt you’ll ever get it.

    Tom VanaTom Vana2 dögum síðan
    • Yeah. We know Trump is a grifter. Once he gets our money we'll be of no use to him.

      Peter BroughPeter Brough2 dögum síðan
  • Seth has the best Rudy impression ever 😂

    Silvermane777Silvermane7772 dögum síðan
  • Rudy, you are a stupid man. Sure Rudy, sure!🤣😘🤭

    M VM V2 dögum síðan

    Daniel McLaughlinDaniel McLaughlin2 dögum síðan
  • SOUNDS LIKE a scam artist?

    Chris ButtonshawChris Buttonshaw2 dögum síðan
  • Brilliant skit! Thanks for the laughter!

    John GlassJohn Glass2 dögum síðan
  • When Covid is tamped down, Seth needs to do one show a week without an audience.

    Jeffrey LeechJeffrey Leech2 dögum síðan
  • Your impersonation of the pillow moron is perfect! Absolutely perfect!

    Debbie GrossDebbie Gross2 dögum síðan
  • OT but ... spouse laughs out loud every time he accidentally re-sees "my doink fell off" (thanks for that)

    efs 1066efs 10662 dögum síðan
  • They will never convict Giuliani. That shrewd devil has been setting up a diminished mental capacity defence for years and it is ironclad.

    BentriverrusherBentriverrusher2 dögum síðan
  • Rudi doesn't know that you can't prove a negative? And privilege does not attach to client-lawyer communications if they are in the furtherance of a crime.

    John BrazierJohn Brazier2 dögum síðan
  • Seth looks absolutely amazing in this outfit... lord have mercy

    Samantha MichaelSamantha Michael3 dögum síðan

    Burr AndersonBurr Anderson3 dögum síðan

    Anissa MercadoAnissa Mercado3 dögum síðan
  • Trump implemented #COMPANYVERSUSID AND RUDY KNEW. #GAMBINO WAS KILLED BY TRUMP I BELIEVE TO MAKE ME SHUT UP AND SO TRUMP COULD PROCEED.... #Vector #mariepakzad #vectorcontrol #NOMOSQUITOFISH #JONATHANPEKAR #ucsd #usmcBCItehnorape i said #Ewwwww to #Trumpcoffeetime 1991 and HE STALKED ME AT GIANT GOLF CO. I WAS HIT ON THE HEAD W A GOLF CLUB VERY SUSPICIOUSLY WHILE TRUMPS GOLF CADDY ON SITE. 2001. #cultivatingcovid ... #jameswassetup #jamesanissa💋 #jamesfranco🎬 #Isabelpakzadandassociates #isabellaweichenberger #isabelpakzadkillscats i said "#WakeUp" first. THEY DIDNT LIKE THAT. #NONWO

    Anissa MercadoAnissa Mercado3 dögum síðan
  • Coming fall 2021, “My Meeting with Andre.”

    BroGrabBroGrab3 dögum síðan
  • Hahahaha, the pause on Weehawken was funny enough. Very good Rudy impression-you’ve taken a vow of comedy.

    BroGrabBroGrab3 dögum síðan
  • This show is just not funny anymore.

    - Stiegosaurus -- Stiegosaurus -3 dögum síðan
  • Rudy offered the FBI Hunter Biden's hard drives but they refused.

    Dennis LeonDennis Leon3 dögum síðan
  • Ha ha caught using your own and big Ds own excuse. How many times on tape have we heard you and your ex boss say “ don’t recall, don’t remember” someone should do a count just for the record,

    Sarah JarvisSarah Jarvis3 dögum síðan
  • "the room where it took place" 🤣🤣🤣

    Suzana ValencaSuzana Valenca3 dögum síðan
  • of the negatives or corruption.. to find dirt on biden, giulliani went after hunter biden who made $50k month working for a ukrainian oil company. meanhile, giuliani paid one of his ex wives $42k alimony per month.

    AIintel IntelAIintel Intel3 dögum síðan
  • I prefer this show without a live audience now

    What's Up In Space?What's Up In Space?3 dögum síðan
  • Why are yall still talking about this fool and he's not even President anymore?! GTFOH I stopped watching this

    Lavender LizzyLavender Lizzy3 dögum síðan
  • I thought Biden is the corrent prisedent 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Thamr 12Thamr 123 dögum síðan
  • Is trump still the president yet?🤷🏻‍♂️

    Thamr 12Thamr 123 dögum síðan

    Yo BRO WTF?Yo BRO WTF?3 dögum síðan
  • First they came for the Communists ....And I did not speak out because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Jews ....And I did not speak out because I was not a Jew Then they came for me....And there was no one left to speak out for me

    Connor MacManusConnor MacManus3 dögum síðan
  • Autoplay view. This is garbage.

    ded toofded toof3 dögum síðan
  • I thought he called him Hunter!!!! Lmfao 😅😅😆😆😆

    Marquesha WalkerMarquesha Walker3 dögum síðan
  • Thank Allah Obama see searched Angelika Merkel's phone calls, it prevented Covid from sprouting on his watch

    edsnotgodedsnotgod3 dögum síðan
  • “New York was the first Capital” Rudy, ya screwed up again... The list of Capitals from Chronological Table of the Capitals *First Continental Congress* September 5, 1774 to October 24, 1774: Philadelphia, Carpenter’s Hall *Second Continental Congress* May 10, 1775 to December 12, 1776: Philadelphia, State House December 20, 1776 to February 27, 1777: Baltimore, Henry Fite’s House March 4, 1777 to September 18, 1777: Philadelphia, State House September 27, 1777 (one day): Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Court House September 30, 1777 to June 27, 1778: York, Pennsylvania, Court House July 2, 1778 to March 1, 1781: Philadelphia, College Hall, then State House *Congress under the Articles of Confederation* March 1, 1781 to June 21, 1783: Philadelphia, State House June 30, 1783 to November 4, 1783: Princeton, New Jersey, “Prospect,” then Nassau Hall November 26, 1783 to August 19, 1784: Annapolis, Maryland, State House November 1, 1784 to December 24, 1784: Trenton, New Jersey, French Arms Tavern January 11, 1785 to Autumn 1788: New York, City Hall, then Fraunce's Tavern *Congress under the Constitution* March 4, 1789 to August 12, 1790: New York, Federal Hall December 6, 1790 to May 14, 1800: Philadelphia, Philadelphia County Building-Congress Hall November 17, 1800: Washington, U.S. Capitol I believes Federal Hall was originally a tavern.

    Mark VerschellMark Verschell3 dögum síðan
  • wally can rickroll anytime he wants

    dCelldCell3 dögum síðan
  • Only big thing this dude dropped was a turd

    Philly EaglePhilly Eagle3 dögum síðan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

    Gloria DiasGloria Dias3 dögum síðan
  • That Lindell impersonation was priceless.

    Oneshot8242Oneshot82423 dögum síðan
  • successful people don't become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

    Vullnet MusajVullnet Musaj3 dögum síðan
    • I base in USA 🇱🇷 and I hear people are making a lot of cash from forex trading OK

      Fritz MoserFritz Moser3 dögum síðan
    • I think this is the opportunity' for me to take a great step,

      Robin PfeifferRobin Pfeiffer3 dögum síðan
    • The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,and the second best time is now this is not the first time I hear people talking about this man called Pierre

      Nicolás GonzálezNicolás González3 dögum síðan
    • Good investment are life savers.

      Mackenzie WhiteMackenzie White3 dögum síðan
    • The world is gradually moving out of the I work for my boss era,and people who choose to be entrepreneurs are highly securing a brighter future for themselves.

      Gilberto PachecoGilberto Pacheco3 dögum síðan
  • This was funny 😂👍

    holamoco17holamoco173 dögum síðan
  • Trump is a stone cold subversive republican't loser. Beware of fake news! America deserves better.

    Millennial SeekerMillennial Seeker3 dögum síðan
  • Biden sent the FBI to Rudy to see what evidence he had got on him and Hunter. Biden is a career liar and crook, 10% for the big guy remember that one. Go get them Rudy .

    leonard harrisleonard harris3 dögum síðan
    • @leonard harris Former President Failure was an embarrassment. The country and the world is glad he's gone and is doing better since he was evicted. Rudy is going to jail. Only 74 million people voted for Former President Loser so don't know where you get 120 million. Democrats will win 2024 more easily than they won 2020. MAGA is irrelevant. You are dismissed.

      Obsidikiss NecrozineObsidikiss Necrozine2 dögum síðan
    • Obsidikiss ,I am so sorry to disappoint you but the president you are talking about was the greatest president in American history . Rudy is coming after the crooked Biden family. Oh there are still 120 million MAGA that would disagree with your irrelevant speech, they are still there ,they have never gone away. They are just waiting for 2024, the Democrats cannot rig the election. Antifa and BLM will fall before the MAGA.

      leonard harrisleonard harris2 dögum síðan
    • Rudy, Former President Failure and MAGA nation are history. You guys are irrelevant.

      Obsidikiss NecrozineObsidikiss Necrozine3 dögum síðan
  • You keep making the M*A*S*H references, I’ll keep liking and commenting. Keep it up.

    Blake BarrettBlake Barrett3 dögum síðan
  • Rudy has breaking news ! For the last year,think his breaking news is broke. He got nuttin but more bull and lies his mind. But no prof. What a jackass

    SMITTYSMITTY3 dögum síðan
  • Philadelphia was the nation's first capitol Giuliani , an M. Knight Shymalan movie even confirms it.

    Clayton the ChemistClayton the Chemist3 dögum síðan
  • The MASH reference this time is so good

    Annie JankovicAnnie Jankovic3 dögum síðan
  • Hunter 😅

    Kaying ThaoKaying Thao3 dögum síðan